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Don't Lose Air Conditioning in this Heat!

by Pit Stop Auto and Tire of Mt Pleasant, SC, Jul 21, 2016

Is your car ready for summer vacation? 

Stop by Pit Stop Auto and Tire for our air conditioning service. 

There is never a good time for you car's air conditioning to fail but during a family summer vacation in this 100 degree heat would have to be one of the WORST times. Whether your car begins blowing warm air or the air conditioner fails completely and you hear a clicking sound, the professionals at Pit Stop Auto and Tire can correct the problem in a safe and effective way. 

When the car begins blowing warm air this is usually due to low refrigerant. However, did you know the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new legislation soon to go into effect prohibiting the use of the common refrigerant R-22 aka Freon. It is best to hire or at least check with a certified HVAC technician before adding refrigerant to your vehicle.

The problem if your car's air conditioning is not working properly could also be that the air conditioner unit needs to be recharged. We recommend you allow the experts to repair your air conditioning system in your vehicle.

If the air conditioner is not blowing as cool as it used to there could be a number of reasons causing the problem:
  • There is a Freon leak caused by a failed seal, hose, o-ring or component
  • Vacuum leaks
  • A/C Compressor does not engage due to an electrical fault
  • Clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose
  • Damaged condenser or evaporator

Our current promotion at Pit Stop Auto and Tire is our air conditioning service. We will visually inspect system for leaks, check refrigerant level and recharge system (includes up to 1 lb. or refrigerant). Call us at 843-884-9700 for pricing and details for your vehicle make and model! Don't let the heat get in the way of your family fun!