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Check Engine Light

by Pit Stop Auto and Tire, Aug 05, 2016

Do not ignore your check engine light! When the check engine light turns on in your vehicle it is a sign from your automobile that something is wrong.

Sometimes the check engine light will turn on but then be off the next day. A car wash for example could trigger your car’s computer that something is wrong because the dryers blowing trigger the air intake system that too much air is coming through the sensor.

The check engine light is set to activate under adverse engine conditions. The light might turn on under the car wash but once it returns to normal conditions will turn itself off.

A flashing check engine light means to service the vehicle immediately. A steady flash engine light means to service it soon. The engine control computer tells the vehicle when to warn you of a problem with a check engine light. The computer is the brain which will monitor the engine. Sensors throughout the car tell the engine control computer what is going on throughout the vehicle. The computer uses these sensors to get the information it needs to make decisions.

The engine control computer knows what ratings from these sensors are in a normal range for your vehicle. The check engine light turns on the computer notices a rating out of range and it stores a trouble code for the problem. The computer will try to make adjustments. If the computer is successful the check engine light will turn off. However, if the computer cannot fix the problem the check engine light will remain on letting the owner know to take their car in for a service.

When you bring the vehicle in to Pit Stop Auto and Tire, the technician can look at the trouble codes logged by the engine control computer. The trouble code will tell the mechanic the symptom but not the actual cause because any number of things could actually cause the problem. Our auto care service has equipment and software to read both the short term and long term trouble codes the engine control computer has logged to discover the cause of the problem.

A common cause the check engine light could be on is because a part needs replacing like your oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, mass airflow sensor or spark plugs.

A Pit Stop Auto and Tire technician can discover which part needs repair or replacement to make sure you and your passengers stay safe on the road.

If your car has a flashing check engine light please visit Pit Stop Auto and Tire of Mount Pleasant immediately. If on the way in the light stops flashing but stays on you can monitor the vehicle but do not have to service it immediately. If the flash engine light turns off the next day the problem could have been a non-threat like a car wash. 

However, if the light continues to stay on or flips on and off daily call us at 843-884-9700 to schedule a service.