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Automotive Window Tinting

by Pit Stop, 2016-09-24

Pit Stop Auto and Tire offers window tinting

in a variety of shades. 

We service all automobile makes and models, boats, commercial locations and residential buildings. Pit Stop Window Tinting has been servicing the Mount Pleasant community for many years. Some form of window tinting is typically installed in the safety glass of newer cars and passenger vehicles in order to keep out harmful UV rays.

Window Tinting prevents certain levels of light from passing the safety glass, in a vehicle this refers to the windshield, side windows and rear window. Many people are interested in window tinting simply because they think it looks cool. There are actual safety concerns window tinting can assist with.

These safety concerns include shielding your eyes from extreme glares that could distract you while driving. Installation of a quality glass shield could also protect form skin from harmful UV rays by 98%. Automobile window tinting can also reduce heat in the vehicle during hot summer months. Tint can also prevent damage to the upholstery inside the vehicle. 

While a window tint can create a different and mysterious look for a vehicle, it also can provide the many safety benefits listed above. Pricing for window tinting is available on our website here. We follow all government laws concerning window tinting and can advise you on the state window tint laws here in South Carolina. If you are interested in learning even more about our window tinting services please give us a call at 843-884-9700!